I love to make apps and web sites. I even enjoy being creative about it. But I also appreciate the time it takes to do certain tasks I am not the best at – like art! I have been known to hire an artist now and again for my apps and for logo work. Recently I have posted some articles about tools that make it easier to incorporate your art into your promotional materials and even your app launch images, now I have found a cool site that makes making a logo dead simple.

Design Mantic has a web site and an app in the Apple App Store and Google Play store. Essentially you type the name of the company and then choose what type of company it is from a drop down. It then loads hundreds of variations from nicely done art work with your company name in a aesthetically matching font. Select the one you like and even choose from several possible color variations. Next it takes you to the design board area where you can change some colors, the font size and color and really make it your own if you want. A simple press of the Download button and voila you are presented with your payment options. The pricing is $29.00 and you can add $9.00 more if you want some higher resolution versions. After you submit your payment you are directed back to the site where you can download the versions in a zip or simply download a PDF, JPEG, or PNG.

I have used Design Mantic a few times now for quick logo work and although I wish the price was a little bit less for something so automated I am happy with the result and amazed at all the variations in their database and how it effectively matches to the type of business. I would encourage anyone to give it a try and see what you can come up with, you can build it before you decide to buy.

About The Author
Matt Chapman Matt Chapman is the founder of Origin Technologies, a web and mobile app development company that helps business owners build, deploy, and market themselves in the web and mobile space. Connect with Matt using one of your favorite social media hangouts.