Chat for free


Pick who to chat with from your own contacts. Chat for Free and share photos.


Chat with who you know


Only connect with people you know. Select a person from your contacts and invite them to register. Create a group of friends to make a group chat.


Share photos


Share photos while chatting.


Free and private chat!

jutella allows you to add people to chat with directly from your own contacts. This keeps your chats private to just people you know. Uses a fast backend to deliver your messages and receive them. Get push notifications when someone has replied to you.

Like sharing your photos? Go ahead. Share your photo right within the chat.

Need more people to join you on jutella? Share the app right from the app by sending a sms, an email or posting to twitter or facebook.

Get chatting today with jutella. It is free.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will the app run on my iPhone/iPad?

Yes, all of our apps are Universal.

Is my information private?


Yes.  Your chats and personal information are not shared.


Can I register with Facebook?

Yes. From the main screen you can login with Facebook and if you are ever logged out you can log back in with Facebook from the main screen.

Have a question?

If you have a question that was not answered in the faq or you would like us to build an app for you, please contact us.