After finishing up the code for the newest app “jutella”, I found a great resource to make submitting the app to the store even easier. LaunchKit has some great tools to help developers. If you are looking for a better way to make your screenshots that are needed to upload to the app store you should really give them a try. LaunchKit also has some other tools that make following your app reviews a little easier.










Getting started is very easy. You upload your own screenshot which you can make in the iOS Xcode simulator with Command-S. Then choose your background and the text you want. You can position the text above or below the screenshot image.

After uploading your screenshots and selecting your background and text you are then presented a zip archive link to download your images (45 of them).  These are all named and listed to make uploading them to the itunesconnect portal easier.

So head on over to LaunchKit to make submitting your screenshots a whole lot easier.

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